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Around 15:00 on Feb 16th, 2014 The Snohomish County Sheriff initiated a pursuit of a possible homicide suspect on I5 around the Stanwood area. The pursuit ended Mukilteo with the suspect being shot by at least one deputy. Several other …

Snohomish County Sheriff – Pursuit & Shots fired – Mukilteo WA 02/16/14 Read More »

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Around 19:00 hours on 06/19/2013 a Snohomish County Sheriff  deputy was dispatched to 152nd and Meadow Road for some type of disturbance. Apparently the suspect started shooting fireworks at the deputy which resulted in a officer involved shooting.

Around 11:30 hours on 04/29/2013 Marysville PD initiated a pursuit somewhere along southbound I5. The pursuit continued in to the city of Everett where eventually the suspect bailed out of his truck after it dropped the drive line. While running …

Marysville Pursuit Shots Fired Read More »

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At 13:06 a Swift Water Rescue call was dispatched to 47250 Skykomish River, Index WA. Several Snohomish County Fire Departments responded which included Gold Bar Dist 26, Sultan Dist 5, Monroe Dist 3, Index Dist 28 and the Snohomish County …

Swift Water Rescue – 47250 Skykomish River, Index WA Read More »

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At 04:23 Snohomish County District 3 was dispatched to 149 Charles Street for a residential house fire. The fire was quickly upgraded to a 2nd alarm. It appeared to be under control in about 1 hour.

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At 20:55 Snohomish County Fire District 7  was dispatched to 22912 101 Ave SE for a residential house fire. While responding SNOPAC advised the responding units that a subject at the residence had a history of violent behavior toward fire …

Residential House Fire – 22912 101 Ave SE, Woodinville WA Read More »

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