Snohomish County Sheriff – Pursuit & Shots fired – Mukilteo WA 02/16/14

Around 15:00 on Feb 16th, 2014 The Snohomish County Sheriff initiated a pursuit of a possible homicide suspect on I5 around the Stanwood area. The pursuit ended Mukilteo with the suspect being shot by at least one deputy.
Several other police agencies were involved including Snohomish County Sheriff, WSP and Everett PD. The suspect was transported by Mukilteo Fire Dept. to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.
See the Everett Herald for a more detailed story.

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11 Comments on “Snohomish County Sheriff – Pursuit & Shots fired – Mukilteo WA 02/16/14

  1. As a mother, I took the time to reflect to my children! You men and women! Out there doing your job as peace officers! Across countys and our state! We see your job on news and facebook! We read what you go through every day! At a time like this my family wishes to say” thank you!” You hear the call come in a accident! You come! When a tree over the road! You come to the call! A person prowling around the house! You waste no time! You come to our call! Someone threating themself or others! You get in that car and come to the call! A elderly person is lost you come to the call! A cow or horse….escaped a pasture! You come to the call! A bank robbery, a accident, a fire, no matter what the call maybe! You answer it! For your community…which includes you and me! The front lines you take to every day to make the place, a safe to stay! Your unselfless acts each day! Make my family stand up and salute you and say! “Thank you” the the choices you make every day! You serve without thanks…..and the respect you deserve! Let face it! Suspects can act crazy and preturb. No matter what you may face! You do it for us! We offen forget the thanks! Times you leave your family and homes! To take care our community, the places we roam! We are greatful for all that you do! You, men and women, of our law enforcement team! Could have chosen any other dream! But still, out here in full force….giving our community your most! My family and I need you all to know! We are so greatful for all that you do! In honor we stand and say with a salute and say thank you!

  2. My friends uncle is the one who got shot by the guy… sad story.. unknown at this point if he is going to make it…

  3. Wow! I am so impressed with the way all of these law inforcement agencies worked together. The fact that no innocent people were harmed is incredible. I live off of 92nd St. In Mukilteo and was leaving home in the midst of the mayhem. Scary. Thank you all for doing what you do and doing it so well. I am thankful for men and women like you every day. God bless.

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